Switching Regulators & Controllers

Switching regulators and controllers are electronic devices used to regulate the output voltage and current of power supplies. They operate by rapidly switching a power supply circuit between on and off states, resulting in a high-frequency waveform that can be filtered and smoothed to produce a stable output voltage.

Switching regulators and controllers offer several advantages over traditional linear regulators, including higher efficiency and the ability to handle a wider range of input voltages. They are commonly used in applications such as power supplies for computers, LED lighting, and motor control.

Switching regulators and controllers come in a variety of forms, including step-up (boost), step-down (buck), and step-up/down (buck-boost) configurations. They may be designed as integrated circuits (ICs) or as standalone modules.

Switching regulators and controllers typically include feedback control circuits to adjust the output voltage and current, as well as protection circuits to prevent overvoltage, overcurrent, and overtemperature conditions. They may also include features such as soft-start to reduce inrush currents and synchronization with external clock signals.

Switching Regulators & Controllers

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