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We’ve built a smart semiconductor marketplace platform that helps you easily buy, sell, and discover electronic components from manufacturers you know and love.
When you search on Partstack, our powerful algorithm optimizes your supplier “stack” results to ensure the best buyer-seller matches.

A search engine made for the 21st century

Partstack was designed for today's global market. We're revolutionizing the search for parts to make buyer-seller matches and trades easier than ever. Whether you are an electronics parts buyer, manufacturer, engineer, procurement professional, distributor, or just someone fascinated by all of this—Partstack offers a novel, one-stop-shopping experience with the tools you need to succeed.

Finally, a semiconductor marketplace that’s better—For everyone.

Hobbyist? Fortune 500? A company of one? We’ve got you.

Built for Modern Markets

We make it super easy to buy and sell electronic components in a dynamic, global market space—where buyers are often sellers and vice versa. It’s component search for the modern age.

Strong Supplier Quality

Our supplier auditing process allows great suppliers to shine and ensures the highest quality parts always make it into customer builds.

Algorithm-driven Results

Our proprietary search algorithm increases the likelihood of a good buyer-seller match. Algorithm-driven results ensure that both buyers and sellers win.

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serving a $600 billion+ semiconductor industry

1.8 Billion+

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Unmatched data accuracy from the market's most comprehensive catalog

Industry Leadership

Magic happens when engineers work together

Find what you need to start building today.

We’re here to empower the global semiconductor market by helping buyers and sellers connect.
As engineers, we're constantly updating, tweaking, and iterating our platform to ensure that the service we offer is aligned with our mission.

Our engineer curated and vetted technical catalog contains billions of data points to ensure the accuracy of each and every part number.


Get real-time pricing and availability from our best-in-class distribution network.


Compare dozens of parts using our ultra-fast smart compare tool.


Partstack helps buyers quickly find the parts they need from a wide variety of big and small global suppliers. Here's what some of our customers have to say: