Fixed Inductors

Fixed inductors, also known as passive inductors, are electronic components that are designed to store energy in a magnetic field. These components are used in a wide range of electronic applications, including power supplies, filters, oscillators, and RF circuits.

Fixed inductors can be classified into several types based on their specific characteristics and applications. Some of the most common types of fixed inductors include:

1. Wire-wound inductors - These inductors consist of a wire coil wound around a core, typically made of a magnetic material such as iron or ferrite. Wire-wound inductors are commonly used in power supplies and filters.

2. Multilayer ceramic inductors - These inductors are made by stacking thin layers of ceramic material with metal electrodes. Multilayer ceramic inductors are commonly used in high-frequency applications due to their high Q factor and small size.

3. Ferrite bead inductors - These inductors consist of a cylindrical or toroidal ferrite bead that is threaded onto a wire or placed over a PCB trace. Ferrite bead inductors are commonly used in EMI suppression and RF filtering applications.

Fixed inductors are available in a wide range of inductance values, sizes, and power ratings. They are typically characterized by their inductance value, tolerance, and frequency response. Inductance is measured in henries (H) or millihenries (mH), and tolerance refers to the allowed deviation from the specified inductance value.

Fixed Inductors

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