Nexperia VSH

Jonkerbosplein 52, 6534 AB Nijmegen, The Netherlands

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Founded in 2017, Nexperia is a leading provider of semiconductors, based out of Nijmegen, the Netherlands. It is owned by the partially state-owned Chinese company Wingtech Technology. With factories in Hamburg, Germany and Greater Manchester, England, Nexperia is able to provide its clients with high quality semiconductor products quickly and efficiently.

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The company's product portfolio includes over 15,000 standard products as well as custom-designed solutions that provide customers with complete system-level support. Nexperia boasts one of the most extensive product ranges in the industry, including discrete and logic products such as transistors, diodes and optocouplers. The company also provides application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and application-specific standard parts (ASSPs). In addition to cutting edge products, Nexperia also offers engineering services to help customers develop their own products.

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