RF & Microwave

RF (Radio Frequency) and microwave devices are electronic components that operate at high frequencies to ensure high fidelity performance in telecommunication and wireless communication applications. These devices are designed to handle the unique challenges of high-frequency signals, and work around signal loss and interference issues.

The primary difference between RF and microwave devices is the frequency range at which they operate. Microwave devices generally operate at higher frequencies (e.g., several gigahertz to several hundred gigahertz), while RF devices typically work well at lower frequencies (e.g., several kilohertz to several gigahertz).

Common RF and microwave devices include:

Amplifiers: Devices that increase the power of an RF or microwave signal.

Attenuators: Devices that reduce the power of an RF or microwave signal.

Filters: Devices that selectively pass or reject specific frequencies in an RF or microwave signal.

Mixers: Devices that combine two or more signals at different frequencies to produce a new signal at a different frequency.

Oscillators: Devices that generate an RF or microwave signal at a specific frequency.

Antennas: Devices that convert electrical signals into electromagnetic waves or vice versa, allowing wireless transmission and reception of RF and microwave signals.

RF & Microwave

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