Multiplexers & Switches

Multiplexers and switches are electronic components used in digital and analog circuits to route signals between different inputs and outputs. They allow a single input signal to be sent to multiple output channels or vice versa.

A multiplexer, also known as a "mux," is a digital component that selects one of several input signals and forwards it to a single output. Multiplexers are often used in data communication systems to transmit multiple signals over a single communication channel. They can also be used in digital circuits to route control signals and address lines.

A switch is an electronic component that connects or disconnects two or more circuits. Switches can be mechanical or electronic and are used to control the flow of current in a circuit. In digital circuits, switches are used to connect or disconnect components and can be used to create logic gates and other digital components.

Multiplexers and switches are important components in various electronic systems, including communication systems, data processing systems, and control systems. They can be used to route signals between different parts of a circuit and to switch between different modes of operation. Multiplexers and switches can also be used to improve the efficiency of a system by reducing the number of components needed to perform a particular function.

Multiplexers & Switches

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